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Who We Are

C2M® is an IoT and Digital Transformation platform developed and distributed by Plasma, a global IoT and digital enterprise solution provider based in Dallas, TX. The platform includes Edgeware, Connectivity, Device and Service management, Big Data storage and Analytics, Visualization, Dashboards and Business Workflows. We address the enterprise market across all industry verticals. Our current focus is on IoT high-growth areas such as Smart Cities, Healthcare, Environmental Sensing, Asset Tracking, Home Automation, M2M, and Industrial IoT.

Our mission is to enable customers to realize optimal business potential through accelerated innovation, system integration and time-to-market. We developed C2M® to provide customers comprehensive capabilities to build connection, analytics and workflow solutions with the simplicity of a plug-and-play, drag-and-drop, codeless environment. The platform is designed to assimilate new and emerging IoT technologies, as well as blend seamlessly with your existing IT investments.

We built C2M® for you. We want to help transform your business into a digital enterprise; an enterprise that supports connection and collection of physical and digital data, visualization of all data and operations, and automation of business-critical processes.

Our Journey

While most IoT platforms start development with device connection layers, C2M® started with the most value-driven layer: workflow and automation. The true value of collecting and analyzing data is making that data actionable in real-time and useful to critical business processes. In 2003, Plasma began as a provider of web portal development, mobile/web-based applications and enterprise solutions. Over the years, Plasma grew to be a recognized provider of Business Process Optimization and Technology delivery for some of the largest brands in the world. In 2009, we began to realize the vast opportunities of digital transformation and IoT. It was time to build C2M®.

After many years of development and testing, C2M® was formed as a comprehensive, end-to-end IoT platform with three layers: C2M Connect, C2M Visualize and C2M Workflow. Since its launch in 2015, it has been deployed by prominent companies like AT&T and Cricket Wireless. We also have global partnerships with companies like HPE, TI, Systena, SIGFOX, PWC to name a few.


Conquering Business Challenges with C2M®

  • Time to Marke

    Time to Market

    Excessive time is spent analyzing vast amounts of data which slows the decision making process. This significantly increases the time to develop new solutions on legacy platforms.
    By integrating IoT into various levels of a business’s value chain, efficiencies will be realized and time to market will be faster than ever.
  • Innovation


    Businesses are continually striving to keep up with market pressures. Outdated systems do not allow for agility or rapid innovation.
    Adaptability and insight are key to innovation. Adaptability allows businesses to remain agile and grow with changing business pressures. Data provides insight for businesses to learn and remain strategically positioned.
  • Integration


    When business systems are not unified, inefficiencies are created. Data accuracy and consistency diminishes when legacy systems are replaced rather than integrated with new systems.
    Successfully integrating new and legacy systems allows businesses to access critical data across all operations and streamline processes more efficiently.
“I have seen many IoT platforms before, but C2M® is the best All-in-One IoT platform I have seen thus far. I am excited for Systena to introduce such a successful American IoT platform to the Japanese market.” Katsuhiro Fuchinoue, President & CEO of Systena America Inc.