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C2M® is flexible and can provide value to an enterprise in many different ways. Cost of development, speed to market and ability to accommodate new technologies are critical considerations when choosing the right engagement. C2M® is a comprehensive solution that is geared to address both the short and long-term needs of a Digital Enterprise.

Our engagements can be tailored to seamlessly integrate with an enterprise’s existing business model and strategy. They can also be turn-key and predefined by market demands. Review the engagement models and options below to see how you can use C2M® in a way that compliments your existing resources while also meeting your current and future needs.

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Custom Built Solution

  • Free consultation with solutions expert
  • Tailored fit solution delivered to meet exact needs


  • C2M team trains your IT team
  • Help guides provided for you to build solutions as you please

Work With a C2M Partner

  • Select a certified C2M Partner to deploy solutions as a team

C2M Cloud

  • Deploy in our multi-tenant shared cloud and pay per device/per month

Private Infrastructure

  • Deploy C2M license in your Data Center

Any Cloud

  • Deploy C2M in any cloud infrastructure that you please. For example, AWS or Helion

Prototyping License

  • Use the platform on a temporary basis to build and showcase IoT use cases, PoCs and prototypes for customers. No need for procuring an IoT platform, additional software or an environment to host.

Usage-Based License

  • Use our multi-tenant cloud-hosted license and pay as you use. Every enterprise’s usage patterns are different, so we want to provide an option that caters to your needs.

Enterprise License

  • Gain access to full capabilities of C2M on a large scale. Unrestricted number of users, devices or applications. Create new revenue streams by hosting multiple applications for multiple customers using your licensed copy.

Deploy C2M®

Implementation of C2M into your company’s system is rapid and involves little configuration. C2M is based on enabling quick, scalable and easily deployable solutions so your company can immediately begin building!

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