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Industrial IoT (IIoT)

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The manufacturing industry is a prime beneficiary of the continued evolution of the internet of things. The Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, integrates Big Data, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication, machine learning, smart equipment or robots, and an array of sensors into optimizing processes within a system. These technologies enable companies to collect data, analyze the data, and make critical decisions based on that data. The data can also be used to automate processes, which reduces the need for human interaction, improves process accuracy, and reduces overall operational costs. Streamlining processes is important in many industries, but is essential in the industrial segment. IIoT can typically be found and utilized in industries such as healthcare, energy, aerospace, manufacturing and more.


  • Minimize Human Error
    Minimize Human Error Automate processes according to real-time data rather than manual decisions.
  • Ease of Adoption
    Ease of Adoption Already many wireless technologies and sensors implemented.
  • Lower Prodiction Costs
    Lower Production Costs Reduce human error, become resource efficient and increase performance.
  • Make Better Decisions
    Make Better Decisions Use Big Data and Analytics to make better decisions for the future.
  • Optimize Performance
    Optimize Performance Reduce errors, streamline activities and learn from the actual data that existing processes are providing.
  • Reporting
    Reporting Build insightful reports providing critical process information.


  • M2M Optimization: Implement Machine Learning algorithms that auto-diagnose and improve machine output and uptime
  • Real-Time Tracking: Utilize technology such as RFID to know where assets are located
  • Connected Supply Chain: Join IT Systems and machines to produce goods in a just-in-time manner, which reduces cost
  • Air Quality: Monitor air quality measurements to ensure safe working environments
  • Environment Monitoring: Control temperature and humidity levels for optimum machine output