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Smart Agriculture

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The agriculture industry is evolving around the Internet of Things (IoT). With smart agriculture, farmers can now operate with ideal insight into critical measurements such as water consumption, soil quality, equipment efficiency, operation cost effectiveness and much more. Smart irrigation products and sensors combined with weather forecasts and pest monitoring can quickly elevate crop productivity and decrease water waste. As world population grows and the need for food increases, data must be collected and monitored to optimize efficiency. Like any business, farmers must make important business decisions related to this data. These decisions are critical because they not only affect business growth and revenue, but also the consumer and the planet.


  • Complete Visualization of Operations
    Complete Visualization of Operations Farmers can monitor all soil moisture, weather, equipment...etc.
  • Make Better Decisions
    Make Better Decisions Use Big Data collected to make better decisions for the future.
  • Find Correlations
    Find Correlations Collecting data from different sources enables farmers to mash data and find relationships.
  • Reporting
    Reporting Build insightful reports providing critical production information.
  • Events and Notifications
    Events and Notifications Create notifications and events according to agriculture process thresholds.
  • New Innovation
    New Innovation Develop new and improved systems and processes according to data results.
  • Lower Cost
    Lower Cost Optimize water use, equipment management and pest control to save on cost.


  • Soil Quality: Know exactly how much and how often to add nutrients and water to crops- automate by placing thresholds
  • Compost Monitoring: Control the temperature and humidity of compost piles to reduce spoilage
  • Automated Surveys: Place geo-fences for drones to survey crops and identify unhealthy sections
  • Livestock Tracking: Place sensors to know the location of animals
  • Environment Monitoring: Access weather and environmental data remotely to ensure healthy conditions for crops or livestock