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The Internet of Things is changing property management, transforming properties into intelligent spaces and smart buildings. A Smart Building optimizes comfort, operations, energy, security and more by implementation of smart devices, sensors and systems. Those sensors and systems can then be monitored and analyzed for rapid decision making purposes by building management and property owners.

Like many IoT verticals, Smart Buildings do not have to be built from ground up, but rather can culminate within an existing building through facility upgrades and system integration. With respect to occupant experience, a smart building can allow for automatic heat and lighting control, automatic shutters, doors or gates, voice commands and more. Property managers can save on energy through efficient HVAC and electricity systems while also remaining eco-friendly through smart landscaping and weather API analytics. For example, office lighting turns off when not in use and lawn sprinklers cease when rain is falling or in the forecast.

Smart Buildings not only allow for analytical monitoring and decisive management, but they also learn the changing occupancy profile within a site and optimize accordingly to save on costs and increase efficiency.

Smart Building Benefits

  • Energy Efficiency
    Energy Efficiency Automatic control of lights and HVAC will enable huge energy savings.
  • Occupation Satisfaction
    Occupant Satisfaction Enhanced comfort and services leads to higher occupancy rates.
  • Environment Friendly
    Environmental Friendly Energy efficiency, smart landscaping and decreased pollution factors.
  • Operational Efficiency
    Operational Efficiency Remote control and maintenance.
  • Improved Security
    Improved Security Interconnected cameras, sensors and alarms improve security.
  • Innovative Services
    Innovative Services Connect appliances and electronics to deliver innovative services and apps.
  • New Revenue Streams
    New Revenue Streams By introducing new enhanced services, new revenue opportunities are created.

Smart Building Applications

  • HVAC Optimization: Automate HVAC by triggering fresh air flow when temperatures meet certain thresholds
  • Leak Monitoring: Place inexpensive sensors throughout a building to get real time alerts when a leak is detected
  • Occupant Updates: Know where and who is inside a building by mashing scanned ID badges with online public profiles
  • Structural Health: Place sensors throughout the building to monitor vibration measurements to ensure all is within a safe range
  • Smart Janitorial: Count number of visits to restrooms, automatically deploy janitorial crew once certain number of visits is reached