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Operational efficiency and reliability are the keys to success in the Oil & Gas industry. With the introduction of IoT, Oil & Gas companies can realize remarkable gains in efficiency, regulatory compliance and operating technology. IoT is driving performance and enabling innovation in the O&G industry that will ultimately lower environmental risks and make for a better planet.

Eliminating on-site visits leads to more efficient decision making and less resource consumption. Through remote monitoring, an engineer can monitor and gain insight from numerous sensors located at any location instantaneously. Most importantly, in an Internet of Things powered O&G operation, the data collected is actionable. Real-time data provides critical insight into current operation conditions, but it also can predict failures and events in such a way that management can prepare for and eliminate risks. Through greater operation efficiency, regulatory compliance, real-time insight and more, those who adopt smart connected solutions in the Oil & Gas industry will save on resources and instantly gain an edge on their competition.


  • Know on the Go
    Know on the Go Maintain a single-pane view of your operations from any device.
  • Minimize Downtime
    Minimize Downtime Set alerts to notify responsible parties when equipment is showing signs of failure.
  • Remote Monitoring
    Remote Monitoring Eliminate On-Site visits.
  • Automate Workflows
    Automate Workflows From executing NDAs, Compliance Reporting, to Land Acquisition.
  • Integrate
    Integrate Import Spreadsheets, connect a data base or monitor worker's activity via a wearable.
  • Increase Regulatory Compliance
    Increase Regulatory Compliance Provide Real-Time Data with Ease.


  • Pipeline Monitoring:Set alerts and automatic shutdowns for leak detection from mechanical failures or broken pipes
  • Well Integrity:Monitor pressures of the wellhead in real time from a remote location to reduce the chance of an incident
  • Rapid Communication:Automate data transfer between responsible parties to decrease downtime between phases
  • Midstream Monitoring:Place sensors in tanks to remotely monitor the location, amount and other vital information on the product
  • Refinery Optimization:Know measurements in real time as the refinement process takes place- flow rate, thickness, temperature, etc