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The level of insight that is now achievable through Smart Connected Systems drastically changes how a business can operate. Operational performance improvements can be gained from connecting various systems within an organization. Data can be collected at every level of a business and mashed together to create a single pane view of numerous integrated systems. C2M® not only allows for easy connectivity between various data sources (Databases, IT Systems, Devices, Sensors), but also allows for this data to become actionable, creating efficiencies that were once thought of as impossible.

For instance, a company's CRM system, such as Salesforce, can now be connected to Microsoft Outlook, an Oracle Database and various sales phone systems. Instead of having multiple places to sort through data, a custom designed dashboard can bring in all of this data into a single pane view. Correlations can be discovered and process inefficiencies can be eliminated.


  • Integrate
    Integrate Connect numerous systems that exist within the organization to create a single pane view.
  • Gain Insight
    Gain Insight Keep a pulse on your business operations with real time data insights.
  • Automate
    Automate Let an automated workflow accomplish time consuming tasks.
  • Communicate
    Communicate Create events that trigger automatic emails when specific tasks or documents are received.
  • Improve Flexibility
    Improve Flexibility Customize dashboards and design new workflows on the fly.
  • Mobile First
    Mobile First Access any and all data from anywhere.


  • Connected IT Systems:Connect siloed IT systems to create a single-pane view of all important data
  • Digital Enterprise:Gain insights and streamline processes by taking physical data to the digital realm for real time access and automated workflows
  • System of Systems:Connect people, devices and software to create an ecosystem that improves and optimizes processes
  • Sales Communication:Connect CRM’s with applicable sales and lead generation systems
  • Legacy Integration:Instead of replacing old systems, integrate and phase out over time