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Transportation and logistics are essential components to most enterprises’ productivity, whether through air, ground or sea.

Most companies within the transportation and logistics sector fully understand the inherent competitive operational advantages that can be realized via integration of mobile technologies. The unpredictable nature of fuel costs, labor rates, increased traffic and a changing regulatory environment make it imperative to have dynamic, real-time, visibility and control of mission-critical processes. Increasingly, within the T&L sector, the lack of robust process visibility and control leads to reduced productivity, increased costs, and poor bottom-line business results.

Industry regulations are forcing transportation and logistics organizations to do more with less, therefore, profitability is threatened. Having increased visibility into personnel, equipment, processes and transactions enables enterprises to better support critical operations in real time - improving operational efficiency and performance.


  • End-to-End Visibility
    End-to-End Visibility Maintain control and visibility of cargo and operations.
  • Data from Different Sources
    Data from different sources Integrate with other Apis, like weather or traffic, to have a more complete insight over assets.
  • Planning
    Planning Better route and resource planning, based on data insights.
  • Reporting
    Reporting Real time reporting capabilities for customers, support teams and management.
  • Cost Optimization
    Cost optimization Optimized routes, control of cargo and best use of resources will lead to cost optimization.
  • Service Improvement
    Service Improvement Real time intervention in case of incident or cargo violation.
  • Real-time Traceability
    Real-time Traceability Follow cargo in real time.


  • End-to-End Visibility: Know everything about your fleet- from driver behavior to outside weather conditions from anywhere on any device
  • Cargo Monitoring: Set thresholds for temperature, humidity and other data points for perishable cargo
  • Yard & Warehouse Management: Convert the physical to digital- have assets and inventory in the right place at the right time
  • Predictive Maintenance: Place sensors on equipment to monitor, predict and alert of possible failure before failure occurs
  • Planning and Reporting: Connect route optimization tools with real time traffic reports and other systems for more accurate planning of delivery


  • Asset Tracking
  • Fleet Management