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6 Applications of Blockchain Implementations Outside of Cryptocurrency

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We are all very familiar about Blockchain Technology supporting digital currencies like Bitcoin, Stellar, Ripple, Ethereum and more. This technology is progressing at an exponential pace. The world's most intelligent personalities are utilizing the innovation to decentralize businesses such as banking and farming.

Blockchain - The technology supporting cryptocurrencies (forms of money) - has numerous applications outside of this space. Here, we explain how blockchain technology is changing the world.


Helperbit is a fundraising site that highlights charitable worldwide initiatives – increasing prosperity in foreign countries.

Securing each contribution to the blockchain helps increase economical transparency. As bribery in charity and insurance is a doomed reality, Helperbit plans to raise money straight to the people through decentralization.


This breakthrough in decentralized technology can possibly change the 4,000-year-old banking industry. Blockchain is altering management of accounts by giving a digitized and secure stage for executing an incentive without a centralized authority.

Ripple : This is a blockchain start-up; providing a decentralized payment set-up for the world’s banks, payment providers, trades, and companies.

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Blockchain technology will keep innovating the farming sector. Farmers, buyers, and food vendors will all benefit from the execution of blockchain: farmers are ensured fair payment, buyers know the inception of their nourishment, and retailers can be guaranteed the authenticity of their buy.

Transactions can never again be deceived. Blockchain ecosystems guarantee that each step of an item's voyage is immutably recorded at any phase of the procedure.

FarmShare and Filament are well-known organizations, both understanding the utilization of blockchain in agriculture.


John Zanni, President of the Acronis Foundation, said “We believe that blockchain technology will be transformative in the tech and IT sector in the coming years, similar to what the internet did for the world back in the 90s and early 2000s.”

Guardtime – This software security organization is making digital signature systems based on blockchain technology, protecting the health records of one million Estonian citizens.


Rapid improvements for new and more effective healthcare record systems are coming to your doorstep. Wearable gadgets, medicinal examination systems executing artificial intelligence, and cryptography will become an important part of the way hospitals work.

According to Hyperledger’s survey, “42.9% of healthcare organizations suppose that the interoperability of electronic health records will help for faster blockchain implementation; with 28.6% of respondents ready to use this technology in care settings today.”

Transport and Tourism

IBM Blockchain Solutions – IBM has said it will open to the world non-fund related blockchain activities with worldwide accomplices in 2018. This video visualizes how efficiencies could be driven in the vehicle renting industry.

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