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8 Gift Ideas for a Smart Home

December 2,2016 | No Comments  |  Posted In Home-Automation

As more consumer-focused connected gadgets are introduced into the market, competition increases and prices go down. This means that smart devices that were once high-end appliances for your home are now affordable enough to be great gifts for the holidays, birthdays and especially house warming parties. Weather these smart home devices increase safety, health or comfort, there is no doubt they can be a great addition to a 21st century home. Here are 8 gift ideas that can make any home smarter.


Google Home

Google Home ($129)

This at home speaker is voice-activated and powered by Google assistant. Much like the search engine, this home assistant can answer any questions you may have, tell you the weather and even schedule appointments on your calendar. The device connects seamlessly to other smart home devices such as Philips Hue, Nest and more.


Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) ($49.99)

Similar to the Google Home, the Echo Dot is voice-controlled and uses the Amazon virtual assistant, Alexa. Ask questions, control music, set alarms and more. The Echo Dot also connects to other smart devices in the home such as garage doors, fans, thermostats sprinklers and more. The Echo Dot is even incorporating service features such as ordering pizza form Domino’s and a ride from Uber.


Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat ($249)

The Nest Thermostat brings technology to your cooling and heating system. Nest learns your temperature preferences and tendencies throughout the week. It can save energy by turning off when no one is home and reporting energy history for more effective use. The nest can also connect to the Nest App and other voice-operating devices such as the Amazon Echo Dot to respond to remote and voice-activated commands. Learn more about the Nest Thermostat API on C2M.


Cube Sensors

Cube Sensors ($89)

Cube Sensors monitor air quality and help users understand how small environment changes can affect their wellbeing. These small, sleek cubes can be placed around the smart home to monitor air, temperature, humidity, light, pressure, noise and more. The next generation of home sensors, Koto, is available for pre-order now. Learn more about Cube Sensors API on C2M.



Birdi ($119.99)

The Birdi is a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector that was designed from the ground up. Prediction methods allow the device to protect home dwellers from environment threats such as allergen outbreaks, pollen spikes and more. The Birdi App also allows for remote monitoring and control. Learn more about the Birdi API on C2M.


Nest Cam Indoor

Nest Cam Indoor ($199)

Nest purchased the smart camera, Dropcam, and renamed it Cam Indoor. This security camera monitors 24/7 and in HD. The camera can be setup with ease and can send personal alerts through the Nest app. The camera also comes complete with a speaker and a mic, so you can hear and speak to what is happening in your home.



Garagio ($199)

This Smart garage opener allows home owners to control and monitor their garage door from anywhere in the world. Setup is simple and requires no special tools. Grant access to others remotely and receive alerts when the door is left open. Users can even setup personal workflows upon opening such as automatic lighting or smart thermostat activation. Learn more about the Garagio API on C2M.


Philips Hue

Philips Hue with Starter Kit ($69.99)

Philips Hue brings connected, smart light bulbs into your house. Different colors are available on command as well as customizable schedules that can help you wake up and enjoy routines. Control from a smart phone and connect to home assistants such as the Echo Dot and Google Home. Learn more about development with the Phillips Hue API on C2M.

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