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Artificial Intelligence Role in Big Data Analytics

October 3,2018 | No Comments  |  Posted In IndustrialPlatforms

B2B and B2C companies have a lot to share when it comes to AI innovation. Unlike what most people would think, robots are not here to substitute all human workers.

The utilization of artificial intelligence in combination with Big Data is a natural progress, Since AI is often designed to learn from input and can get information from the huge amounts that can be collected from Big Data. Many businesses know how these innovations are changing individuals' lives and giving more customized experiences – others, however, may not completely understand how this advantages businesses.

Recent Accomplishments of AI

It feels like each day we're hearing about new AI achievements. AI is giving genuine businesses many advantages. For example:

  • Google Search is using AI to learn
  • Amazon uses AI to predict product demand
  • Facebook is utilizing deep neural networks to improve the accuracy of images and does so for clients' billions of photographs by means of Photo Search.

AI is evolving all over the years. But only this time is AI causing new and radical waves in the business sector. So, what's different this time?

During the years some facets of AI became gradually easier to do. Deep learning particularly has given it a major jump, however after some time, AI developed with various techniques and algorithms to even further improve.

There are three fresh trends that helped AI cross that gap and go mainstream:

  • Parallel Computation
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning algorithms

These improvements mean we would now be able to show the machines as opposed to programming them. Here’s why that’s important:

Previously, when we needed to automate an assignment by using artificial intelligence, we needed to program it to do so from the ground up. We had to write about its behaviors in complete detail and all the variables we should consider. After, we would make sense of how to speak to it in a PC program.

The more complicated the assignment, the harder it was to automate it. Furthermore, that is the reason we don't have robots zooming around our home, fulfilling our every need — this was still beyond our years.

Big Data relation for AI

With big data available, we can bolster that information into a machine-learning algorithm that then figures out how to recreate the behavior. Gathering the information is far quicker than attempting to comprehend and accommodate each consequence. This implies that we're currently accelerating advancement on the AI front.

Consider the organizations that are making waves with their AI disclosures. Google, Facebook and Amazon are only a couple of the models that spring to mind. Their accomplishments are probably due to the large amount of data.

Revolution in Automation

Of course, this is not as easy as it appears. Big Data World has been saying for a long time that machine learning will become the biggest disruptive solution for big data analytics. But there is an issue linked to data.

This is the reason that the key to the achievements of AI and machine learning will be the ability to analyze that data.

So far, data scientists are captains of the AI sector. With just a limited amount of time, data scientists can have many achievements when it comes to analyzing and deriving value from data. Imagine what we can achieve when every day when all, including business analysts and data scientists, can take deep learning to another level and use data analytics to solve real business problems?

Future of AI

When it comes to the future of AI, there are endless options. AI can change each industry, particularly education and transport.

In the future, we will see a tremendous effect on automated transport. As people, we are delicate and prone to error when driving and doing other activities. Automated driving and transport imply that there will be far less accidents. The transportation system will also increase, so industries can get the ability to save money: possibly in millions of dollars.

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