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C2M Integrates Texas Instruments (TI) SensorTags into Platform

January 26,2016 | No Comments  |  Posted In IndustrialLifestylePlatforms

Imagine a Bluetooth sensor that harnesses a built in accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, temperature, barometer and hygrometer for only $25. This isn’t a fantasy thanks to the team at Texas Instruments (TI) and their CC2541 SensorTag.

TI has been delivering outstanding technology solutions for quite some time and has recently partnered with C2M® (Formerly Connect2.me). C2M is the go to platform for integrating TI’s Internet of Things (IoT) devices into your projects.  The CC2650 has also been introduced into the C2M family of connected things. This SimpleLink Ultra-low power Wireless MCU Platform is suitable for performance testing and rapidly developing demo software. This wireless MCU is a perfect sensor control for interfacing with external sensors, such as the CC2541 SensorTag or the CC2650 SensorTag.


Applying TI Devices Using the C2M Platform


Connecting smart devices and sensors is made easy with C2M® (Formerly Connect2.me). C2M’s plug and play interface allows for quick and easy integration. There is no complex development of integration that needs to take place. C2M has placed Texas Instruments in the C2M directory. Simply add the various devices to your project, activate your device and start collecting data immediately. The data feeds connection from the devices and sensors to C2M will unlock tremendous value for your IoT project.

Collect data and easily create dashboards to monitor and control your connected devices in real time. Data sources can be analyzed and mashed to create countless analytic feeds. Monitor and collect data ranging from temperature to location. The versatility of these TI devices unlock countless possibilities for IoT projects including medical applications, educational tools, proximity location and much more.

IoT app development is becoming exceptionally rapid thanks to C2M and partners like TI. Users can quickly deploy apps and effectively control data sources from one centralized location. Contact Us to learn how C2M can optimize your IoT needs today!

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