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Integrating Parrot Flower Power API with C2M™

March 3,2015 | No Comments  |  Posted In Greentech

An IoT Product that can Help Keep Plants Alive


Have you ever forgotten to water your plants? Many of us today have a busy lifestyle and forget the smallest responsibilities in our daily lives. Parrot, known for the production of many smart devices, has introduced an IoT product that can help keep your plants alive. The innovative product is called “Parrot Flower Power”, which is a sensor that assesses your plants’ needs and sends certain alerts to your mobile device as needed. C2M™ can help you with integrating the Parrot Flower Power API into your projects.

Flower Power’s strategic partnership manager, Jerome Bouvard is excited to have their API’s on C2m.net™ for developers. In addition to Flower Power, there are a variety of Parrot APIs that will all be located on the C2M directory over the next few months.

Integrating Parrot Flower Power to the C2M Platform

The C2M platform can connect to all your smart devices and sensors easily with no complex integrations at the application level. The data feeds connection to C2M provides unbound opportunity to build real value while C2M™ manages your device, data and security. This platform can help any Parrot owner control their plants in a timely manner.

There are three basic steps that need to be taken in consideration when connecting the Parrot Flower Power device to the C2M platform: connect as many devices to plants as needed, collect the data, and manage the devices and data. Monitor your plants by measuring sunlight, temperature, soil moisture and fertilizer.                                                                                                                                   

c2m.net™ is the ideal platform for developers in need of API information. Parrot is placed on the C2M directory conveniently with helpful information along with many other smart devices and API’s. This centralized location is best for developers to find Parrot APIs and smart devices for integrating into their projects and product offerings. Help keep plants alive and healthy in the environment with Flower power and C2M today.

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