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One of the biggest opportunities presented by the emergence of IoT is the transformation of human lives and interactions with the environment around us. As homes are the most integral part of the environment, creating a home with smart connected devices and sensors provides an opportunity for our environment to be smart and responsive to our needs. The growth of the Home Automation Services is forecasted to be at 6 percent annual rate until 2020.

Smart Home services represent an attractive opportunity for telecom operators to expand services and revenue streams. This also plays into the strategy of content aggregation where everything from simple mobile connectivity to cable/satellite TV becomes a channel for aggregation and delivery of content and services. This enables higher stickiness, brand loyalty and Net Ads in a highly saturated market while increasing the ARPU.


  • Increased Security
    Increased Security Interconnected cameras, sensors and alarms improve home security.
  • Energy Conservation
    Energy Conservation Automatic control of lights and HVAC will enable energy savings.
  • Automation
    Automation Audio/Video/Appliances/HVAC etc. automate to simplify home life.
  • Home Assistance
    Home Assistance Tele-Assistance for elderly and home emergencies.
  • e-Health
    e-Health Incorporate Telemedicine and health care from a distance into everyday home life.
  • Remote Monitoring
    Remote Monitoring Full control to home owners away from home.


  • Irrigation: Automatically schedule irrigation system to activate at most efficient times once soil moisture reaches minimum threshold
  • Intrusion: Receive alerts or trigger certain actions to take place when intrusion sensors are activated
  • Remote Access: Have control of your appliances from any device
  • Smart Hub: Use C2M as the "glue" to communicate to all of the various devices and protocols in a smart home environment
  • Utility Optimization: Have your appliances run when energy is at its lowest cost


Use Cases