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Smart Home Architecture

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Today's Smart Home is a patchwork of standards and the ecosystem is highly fragmented with numerous providers trying to capture the market. C2M provides the capabilities to enable an end-to-end heterogeneous platform, which allows a scalable and integrated environment with vetted vendors. C2M Data Insight and Intelligence Layers can enable the rules engine for communication between these connected devices. The C2M Mobile App can provide a single pane interface that enables control of all elements such as Cameras, Devices, Sensors, Locks, Audio/Video, Security Panel and more.

C2M supplies the Cloud backbone, the edge appliance and SDK which can go on the IoT Hub/Gateway to control the devices from the cloud. C2M can support IoT Hub/Gateway which is enabled for Bluetooth Low Energy, ZWave, Zigbee, Wifi communications.

C2M Smart Home Mobile APP