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Implementing Facebook Pages APIs from C2M™

December 31,2014 | No Comments  |  Posted In Social-APIs

Facebook Pages has numerous application program interfaces (APIs). With that saying developers find it difficult to implement these APIs into their work. That is where C2M® (Formerly Connect2.me) can help developers with implementing Facebook Pages APIs easily.

These APIs allow developers do various operations such as: manage a page's milestones, manage a page's messages, edit a page's attributes and about section, set a custom page apps image and hide (or unhide) a page post. The free Facebook Pages APIs can be simply integrated by any developer into his or her projects and product offerings. Developers can explore, discover, learn, mash and share these APIs as they need too.

Benefits of using C2M® (Formerly Connect2.me) to manage Facebook Pages APIs

Developers need to get the API information from the following C2M™ website: https://cloud.c2m.net/facebook/facebook-pages-api . All the information about Facebook Pages APIs a developer may possibly need is all located conveniently in this online directory. Some of the features that are included into this directory are specs, API/SDK, native apps, news and resources. C2M™ has also included marketing and technical documents, blogs and forums about Facebook Pages for developers. All of this information can help developers with their projects in some sort of manner.

C2M™ has made the task of implementing Facebook Pages APIs very simple and less time consuming for developers. Simply using C2M™ developers can use the API keys that exist in C2M™ and just plug them in wherever they are needed.

With the C2M™ directory any developer can use the Facebook Pages APIs for free and there all located conveniently in one location, the C2M™ directory. No need for researching for certain APIs in numerous locations anymore because with this directory all the API information a developer may possibly need is located all on a single platform.


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