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Numerous Jawbone APIs on Connect2.me™

January 2,2015 | No Comments  |  Posted In Enterprise-APIs

Jawbone is a world- leader in consumer technology and wearable’s, building hardware products and software platforms powered by data science. They have many products ranging from fitness trackers, headsets, and wireless speakers. Due to the fact that Jawbone has numerous different types of products they all have many APIs. C2M® (Formerly Connect2.me) would be the best fit for any developer when in need of Jawbone APIs for any type of API related work. The different Jawbone APIs on C2M is for BIG JAMBOX, Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset, MINI JAMBOX, Jawbone UP24 Wristband, Jawbone UP App, and Jawbone UP Wristband.

C2M™ is purpose-built for digital business and extends across the digital value chain to help organizations connect API programs fast, onboard partners and developers at low cost, and participate fully in a world of Internet of Things. With C2M developers can locate each API for Jawbone as necessary all on one platform conveniently as opposed to learning and researching each one of the products APIs individually. C2M has made it as convenient as it can ever be for anyone in need of Jawbone APIs all located simply on the C2M directory.

Numerous Jawbone APIs located all on the C2M platform

BIG JAMBOX APIs can help with efficiently sharing data and processes. Connecting a mobile device to this speaker can be very simple if the correct APIs are used. Not only does C2M have the APIs for this cordless speaker, but has specs, native apps , news and resources to help an individual find exactly what he or she may need all on one platform. Another popular product that Jawbone has created is the UP24 Wristband that includes numerous amounts of APIs. The APIs on C2M all have calls, URLS, and a short description for each individual API to help developers when they need a specific API for their work.

C2M® (Formerly Connect2.me) is the ideal platform for any individual in need of API information. Jawbone is placed on C2M conveniently with helpful information. This centralized location is best for developers to find Jawbone APIs and smart devices for integrating into their projects and product offerings.

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