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Introduction to Asset Tracking and Its Benefits

August 12,2016 | No Comments  |  Posted In IndustrialPlatformsSmart-CityWearables

Asset Tracking


Asset tracking is an important activity for most companies, especially in the Transportation and Logistics segments. Properly implemented asset tracking techniques lower administrative costs, streamline business services, improve customer service and allow a business to scale with ease. The list below offers some benefits of implementing a complete asset tracking solution.

Administrative Savings

With proper asset management, administrative costs are reduced. Administrative personnel do not need to track assets manually, an activity that is sub-optimal and consumes a lot of time. Manual asset tracking of assets often cannot be scaled when necessary; with an asset tracking solution, it is possible grow the company without any serious modifications to asset tracking protocols.

Enhanced Customer Service

The ability to track and manage assets quickly allows for a business to provide a better customer experience overall. The time saved to track and manage assets can be transferred directly to a customer or recipient. In a consumer world dependent heavily on time, every minute can make a difference in satisfying customers.


Proper asset management is essential to knowing where assets have been allocated; otherwise, assets could potentially get lost in the system itself and not properly used. Increasing the overall accountability of the system also discourages the misuse of assets by employees.

Regulatory Compliance

Companies wishing to maintain certifications need proper asset tracking systems. Many companies are in industries that require regulatory compliance, which can be met through a comprehensive asset tracking solution.

Allocation of Physical Space

Asset tracking and asset management solutions give the data needed to increase the efficiency and organization of a company’s physical space – be that of offices, storage, or warehousing.


Though asset tracking has an incredible array of benefits, it’s actually quite simple to implement. Most companies can benefit in numerous ways from an asset tracking solution, especially when they are integrated into existing IT systems and solutions. With C2M it is possible to implement the full solution by connecting the assets to location sensors, running needed analytics, exposing dashboards with maps and other information and creating automatic events to alert the correct people as needed.

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