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Managing Several Nest Thermostat Units Using Connect2.Me

December 12,2014 | No Comments  |  Posted In Enterprise-APIsGateway

Managing several Nest thermostat units using C2M® (Formerly Connect2.me) can be very simple for any user. C2M™ is designed to control as many IoT products needed all on one platform. This middleware platform can simply connect as many thermostat units as needed conveniently. Once there is a secure, real-time connection made with each thermostat unit, C2M™ can provide a data feed and a communication portal that can help users keep track of all their Nest units.


Benefits of using C2M® to manage your Nest Thermostats


This platform can help any Nest owner control their thermostat units without physically having to be near the actual units. There are three simple steps that need to be taken in consideration when connecting the Nest units to C2M™: connect as many Nest thermostat units as needed, collect the data, and then manage the units and data.

Users can simply control their heating, ventilating, and air conditioning usage according to what they desire for each Nest unit. Some benefits from using C2M™ to manage several Nest thermostat units is it can help reduce energy consumption, remotely monitor HVAC installations, and measure energy efficiency. Using C2M™ will make it easier for users to manage their Nest units however they choose too.

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