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The Benefits of Using Connect2.me with Smart Buildings

December 12,2014 | No Comments  |  Posted In Smart-CitySocial-APIs

Smart Buildings are considered to be a “supersystem” of interconnected building subsystems. They are compared to the internet, which connects computer networks into one large “supernetwork”. Smart Buildings are equipped with unique structured wiring to enable occupants to remotely control or program array of automated home electronic devices by entering a particular command. Smart building strategies can benefit businesses/consumers by reducing energy costs, increasing the productivity of the facility staff, improving building operations, supporting sustainability efforts and improve decision making across an organization or household.

Integration is the key to smart building because it is linking building systems together and then connecting the building automation system to enterprise systems. Many buildings today have the capability to become smart buildings, but facility owners often fail to take advantage of those capabilities because they do not realize that exists. That is where C2M® (Formerly Connect2.me) can help change the future.

Benefits of Using C2M to Manage Smart Buildings


C2M™ can help Smart Buildings in controlling all IoT needs on one platform. C2M™ makes it convenient for any smart building to be controlled easily by connecting all devices to the C2M™ platform. There are a few simple steps that have to be considered to use this platform: connect the devices, collect data, and manage the devices and data. Very simple for anyone or a business to use and that is why Smart Buildings can be managed efficiently.

Smart Buildings will change the future and that is why C2M™ is available to help businesses and consumers with all their connected devices. C2M™ can help with smart-access and security, smart- elevators, smart- lighting, smart-HVAC, and many more types of IoT products. Smart Building users can connect their own devices and accounts, to the supported channels, visualize, run analytics, and manage events from data streams.

C2M™ is the best choice for new Smart Buildings because it leverages the numerous amounts of connected devices in buildings. This middleware platform can simply connect as many IoT devices as needed conveniently for any Smart Building. Once a secure, real-time connection is made to a device or sensor in a building, C2M™ can provide a data feed and a communication portal that can help the Smart Building users keep track of their devices. This platform can help any Smart Building owner control their buildings without physically having to be there and keep track of all the connected devices in an efficient manner.

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